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Retaining Wall in Sandy Springs GA

Since 1988 Retaining Walls and Concrete has been a trusted builder of residential and commercial earth retention walls in Sandy Springs, Georgia.

Retaining Walls and Concrete Offers:

  • Block and Stone Retaining Walls
  • Cross Tie and Timber Retaining Walls
  • Concrete Driveways
  • Paver Patios
  • Outdoor Fireplaces

Engineered Earth Retention Walls

retaining wall sandy springs ga

Retaining Walls and Concrete employs a licensed engineer to create an esthetically pleasing design and work plan to be filed with your county courthouse.

Selling Fulton County property with a failing retaining wall? Avoid closing delays by having your retaining wall built to code with all accompanying paperwork filed properly with your county courthouse.

Failing Retaining Wall Replacement

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Replace your leaning or rotten timber, rail road cross tie, brick or stone retaining wall with a long lasting engineered retaining wall system. Every wall includes soil compaction and geogrid installation.

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Retaining Wall Customer Reviews

Driveways Sandy Springs

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We build and repair all types of driveways in Sandy Springs. We can also add an aggregate, cobble stone or paver apron or borders to your driveway for added curb appeal.

Paver Patios

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For a tranquil escape year round, look no further than your own backyard! Landscape tiles and paver patios tie your home and landscape together adding excitement and value to your property.

Outdoor Fireplace

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Fun and exciting outdoor fireplaces are a must have for anyone who loves the outdoors. We can accent and often match your existing styles and colors.

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