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Combine Power and Logic

Video is powerful. BUT, do TV or radio ads make the most sense for local companies?

Why waste money playing your message to an audience when 95% of them are geographically irrelevant and most likely not in the market for your product or service at the moment of airing?

Netmercials combine the power of video and the logic of search into a product that won't waste your money!

Using the latest HTML & CSS available Netmercials adjust to look great on all screens sizes from large screen desktops to an iPod screen.

Here is an example of a Netmercial.

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video customer reviews

Between contractors and business owners posting their own positive customer reviews and even posting negative reviews for their competition, consumers are hard pressed to find credible customer reviews!

Even websites that sell access to text customer reviews were found to be taking hundreds and even thousands of dollars from businesses for in-site advertising while expecting consumers to believe they are completely impartial.

Given that so few text customer reviews are proven reliable, we began a crusade to promote only the most respected businesses with proven ethical business standards using video reviews of actual customers!

Click the more information button above to learn more about how to become a Netmercials client. We will provide easy to find search engine listings complete with video customer reviews to your most likely customers.

See an example video customer review below:


Mobile websites by Netmercials work with your existing website and allow mobile viewers easy access to your company information including:

Search Engine Listings for all Devices

Netmercials are designed to look as good on iPhones as they do on desktops while providing your precise audience everything they want to know about your company including: